Welcome and Practical Information

Keywords: Welcome
Focus: Welcome participants, explain the process

Target: everyone

Place: Ludothek

Responsible: Ole

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After all participants have received their keys and moved into their rooms, everyone meets again in the Ludothek for the welcome address. Here, the organisers briefly introduce themselves, explain the course of the entire event with a focus on the first day, the pre-workshops, and distribute practical information.


  • Warmly welcome all participants and introduce the whole team.
  • Explain what “the raised hand” means: Be quiet. When the workshop leader raises their hand, you should also raise your hand and be quiet. When you see others doing this, do the same. Everyone should practise this twice.
  • All participants should introduce themselves briefly. Here is a sample exercise for this: Ask everyone to stand up and form a long alphabetical line with the first letter of their name; have them say each name out loud. A similar line can be made for country names, shoe sizes, body size, character names, age or the length of the journey taken to get to the larp.


  • Emergency meeting place (Ludothek).
  • Fire safety rules.
  • Safety persons: Introduce the people who can be contacted when participants are not feeling well (using the meta-technique “By the colours of light…“) (to be explained in the first workshop).
  • Be on time for workshops and the start of the game.
  • No alcohol during the game.
  • If you find yourself in a situation that does not suit you, everyone is free to walk away and not participate in the exercise or scene. This applies to workshops and the larp itself. If this is during a workshop, encourage participants to still stay and watch so that they can still get the information they need.
  • Out-of-game spaces: There are locations where you can retreat to.

Three Day Event

  1. Day: Preparatory workshops
    Introduction to the setting, rules and techniques, character relationships, and key scenes
  2. Day: The Larp
    Three episodes, more character workshops in between, beginning and end identical (Fate Play)
  3. Day: Debriefing
    Debriefing and presentation of a drama game

What happens now?

We will now first take a tour of the venue in three groups. Then we meet in the exhibition hall for an introductory talk, followed by the first workshop exercise. After that, we will have dinner and then continue with exercises in individual groups.

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