i) Calibration and Missions Terra

Keywords: relationships, missions
Focus: Terra players can once again calibrate the intensity of the game and exchange information about their missions.

Target: Terra PCs

Place: Hall of Mirrors

Responsible: Caro


Ask the Terra players to sit down quietly once again. Give them some time to collect themselves and review the scenes so far.

15 min

You have now taken the tests and received your — first — evaluation. How do you feel? How do you cope with the lighting conditions?

Give everyone enough time to comment on the intensity and the tests briefly.


With all the commotion and testing, the question is whether the players have made progress with their individual missions or secret goals.

15 min

How are your official and secret missions going? Have you made any progress? Tell us briefly about your individual goals and what you are trying to do to address them in the next episode.

Give everyone enough time to state their goals briefly.


Give the players space at the end of the workshop to discuss how they would like to adjust their character play with each other — should they wish to do so.

15 min

Finally, please think in pairs about how you feel about each other now that you have taken the tests. Have any likes or dislikes changed as a result of how you approached the tests together? For the first five minutes, W. Laurence is alone, T. Rivera and P. Dorsten, C. Mai and D. Stokoe talk to each other. After that, T. Rivera, and finally P. Dorsten is alone. Discuss whether you want to continue playing as before or whether something has changed compared to the start of the game. Consider how you can incorporate a possible change for conflict play or collaboration into the next episode.

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