Scene 1-2

A Welcome with Obstacles: Flashback to one year ago: The six Terrans receive their mission briefing.
Mood: Tension
Characters: Terrans, later Oreans

A Welcome with Obstacles

Flashback to one year ago: The six Terrans receive their mission briefing. Soon thereafter, they are transported via a wormhole to New Orea, where they are greeted with too-bright lights and apparently hostile Oreans.


Location & Props:

Shuttle (Terrans) > Storage/Passage (Terrans) > H-Corridor (Oreans, Terrans) > Laboratory 1 (Terrans) / Messhall (Oreans)

Displays, 6 chairs; 6 hula-hoops, projector for the countdown, possibly canvas; headlight / bright light; starry sky

What happens?

The six Terrans are driven around the block in a van to be delivered to the spaceship, where they enter the Shuttle (=going in-game). Here, they are greeted by a video message (briefing) by Dr. Dr. Katterbach.

The Oreans, meanwhile, move from the Messhall to the H-Corrdior (=going in-game) and mingle there in excitement and apprehension.

The NPC Faust gets the other Terrans out of the Shuttle into the Passage and asks them to go onto the transport pads (hula-hoops) — after a second, Faust says they forgot something in the Shuttle and leaves, right before the countdown starts, not to return.

After the countdown, the fire doors open, and the Terrans are greeted with too bright a light and strange noises. The Oreans are shocked that the Terrans came only with five members to their delegation. After a bid ruckus and complaining, the Oreans push the Terrans towards the holding cell (Laboratory 1). Then, they return to the Messhall.


Learning Goals/Bleed-Out:

[what understanding is to be gained in the scene?]

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