Scene 2-3

Behind the Masks, Shadows: The Terrans encounter a singular Orean and learn about deceptions.
Moods: rising tension, mistrust
Characters: Terran & Orean (G)PCs

Behind the Masks, Shadows

The Terrans encounter a singular Orean and learn about deceptions. At the same time, they have to face the assessment by the Oreans.


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Location & Props:

Laboratory 1 (Terrans) / Messhall (Oreans);
Couch, armchairs, chairs, “food” / starry sky

Bridge (Terrans, 2 Oreans)
10 white/flawed masks, tables or something similar as a tray

Laboratory 2, Laboratory 3, Laboratory 4
Arts, crafts, music utensils

What happens?

LimaWadhra comes to the Terrans and guides them again to the Maskroom (Bridge). This time the Orean leaves before they choose their masks.

While selecting their masks, the Terrans should become aware of a single Orean lingering in the Maskroom. The Orean looks very sad and tells them that they have been deceived: All masks are flawed and, thus, would irritate the other Oreans.

It is up to the Terrans to decide how to proceed. Do they amend the masks?

Meanwhile, the Oreans seek common ground with the humans and thus adjust their masks to be equally flawed. They have also understood that humans need food and, thus, will, from now on, push food onto the Terrans.

The time has come for the Orean delegation to evaluate the artistic performance of the Terrans. The Oreans revisit each art station and make it clear how they evaluate the art of the humans and whether they can expect to be accepted.

The Oreans also start to confront the Terrans about the missing members of the delegation — the focus remains on the evaluation still. Once the Oreans finished evaluating all artworks, they send the Terrans back to their room or Lima-Wadhra brings them there.

Learning Objective/Bleed-Out:

[what understanding is to be gained in the scene?]

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