Scene 3-3

All Good Things Come in Twos: Repetition of Scene 1-1, the admission ceremony.
Mood: feel good
Characters: all

All Good Things Come in Twos

Repetition of Scene 1-1, the admission ceremony. The game ends with a celebration in honour of the Terrans. They have just been accepted into the Interstellar Association. It was a hard long way with many obstacles. A representative of the Association gives a welcome speech. Everyone is friendly with each other, and norms are interpreted generously and benevolently. The light is dimmed.


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Location & Props:


Bar tables, champagne glasses, projector & screen

What is happening?

All characters, Terrans and Oreans, mingle in the messhall, everyone holding a drink of coloured bubbly water.
[play some lowkey chitchat sounds in the background for atmosphere]

The Master of Ceremonies enters the room, followed by the Simultaneous Repeater; they move onto the stage. The Master holds a speech about how the test had been difficult but congratulates the Terrans on their admission into the association.
[play the pre-recorded speech, where the repeater track follows the master’s track with a few seconds delay]

Everyone continues to mingle for a little while after the speech.


No particular rules apply.

Learning Goals/Bleed-Out:

[what understanding is to be gained in the scene?]

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