Refresh Overview of the Day

Keywords: Schedule, episodes
Focus: All participants should be clear about how the episodic play works and what the schedule will be.

Target: everyone

Place: Hall of Mirrors

Responsible: Ole

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Wish all participants a good morning and ask them to review the day’s schedule just before breakfast. The following script can easily be read aloud for this purpose.

After breakfast, you will be given time in your groups at 10:00 to clarify and refresh character relationships or work on your costumes. This should help you to feel ready for the larp. The Oreans, please go to the Messhall; the Terrans stay here in the dining room.

The play will start at 10:30 a.m. In the spirit of Fate Play, we will begin with the welcoming ceremony of Terra and then turn back the clock to play the arrival of the Terran delegation on New-Orea.

At around 12:00, the first episode will end, and we will do an intermediate workshop to calibrate aspects of the larp and prepare you for the next episode. Afterwards, we will have lunch out-of-game.

Episode 2 should start at 13:30 and revolves around the test for the admission.

At 16:30, this episode should come to an end with the evaluation round, and we will move on to the second intermediate workshop. This is again for calibration and preparation for the following episode.

The third and final episode starts at 17:30 and ends when there is a resolution of the conflicts and misunderstandings. We expect it to be around 21:00, with the replay of the admission ceremony then leading into the after-party.

You don’t need to remember the details, but we will post them here in the dining room. For now, bon appétit.

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