e) Key Scenes Oreans

Keywords: Fate Play, confrontation
Focus: In this exercise, Orea players receive information about the first, important scenes and practise crucial steps.

Target: Orea PCs + GPCs (NPCs?)

Place: Messhall & H-Corridor

Responsible: Ole


Scene 1-1

Instruction 1: In this scene, everyone comes together to celebrate Terra’s admission to the Interstellar Association. There will be a speech by an official. Everyone gets bubbly, colourful drinks. Everyone, have a good time, give a friendly nod to the Terrans. Display positive emotions.

5 min

Everyone is aware that it has been a difficult journey for the Terrans. But this is not the place for details.

Instruction 2: After this scene, the Terrans leave the room (the Messhall), and it is converted into your recreation room. Here you can return if you need a break in-game, i.e. as your character, or if you just want to talk to Oreans. Please follow the team’s instructions when converting the room after the first scene, help move chairs if you like, or stand [there] so that you are not in the way. Feel free to use the reconstruction allegorically and help out: You set up the planet and the station for the test. Use the time to slowly get into your characters.

Scene 1-2

Instruction 1: In this scene, the Terrans arrive on New-Orea. You receive them or wanted to do so, but they immediately start to behave extremely rudely. 

40 min

The Terrans come through the wormhole you activated, symbolised by the opening of the fire door to the H-Corridor. There we will set the ambient light very bright and also shine a spotlight directly on them. In addition, we will run loud, blatant noises. The brightness and the sounds will correspond to your sense of normality. It will be an affront for Terrans to cover their eyes or cover their ears. You see this as extremely rude behaviour. Reproach them loudly. React according to your starting attitude: hostile, and they only confirm your fears. Welcoming, and you think they are stupid and foolish. Neutral, and you are free to go in whatever direction you want. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves for a certain balance. Som to summarize, the Terrans arrive at a too-bright place them, and you shout at them. The neutrals among you, please talk to each other briefly, and then we will practise this once.

Instruction 2: After the initial shock at their rudeness, only then will the full extent of Terran impudence become clear to you: They are only five [three]!!! That is, after the initial scolding about eye-covering, let the intensity of the accusations subside somewhat, especially those that tend to be more welcoming. Then we ask an adversarial pair to shout out loud, “But they’re only five!” “Only five!” or something like that. The rest are welcome to repeat this. The organisers will make the lights brighter again here. Circle the Terrans, shout at them, move threateningly, get very close to them with your unhappy masks. Keep it up for a while, please. Then please have Lima-Wadhra intervene and say that you should lock them away for now so that everyone can calm down about the impudence. If we, as the organisers, think the time is right, we will lower the brightness of the light a bit. Those of you with an adversarial attitude, after Lima-Wadhra’s call, take the Terrans to the holding cell, later to become the Terra recreation room. Then return to your own recreation room, and the scene ends.
Let’s practise this once.

Scenes 2-1 and 2-2

Instruction 1: We will discuss and practise this again in the intermediate workshop, but these two scenes should be repeated altogether. Because only when something is repeated is it valid, right? We don’t expect you to repeat every sentence or action identically. But the rough sequence should be the same, so it makes sense if you decide on an order for the groups of Makers beforehand.

15 min

Especially those with a welcoming attitude are allowed to step out of character if the Terrans are too confused and tell them to “just do it like the first time”. There will be differences. Feel free to correct them, but not too often and not on every detail.

It may well be that the Terrans have come to the conclusion in the course of the first exam scene that teamwork is more important to you than perfect art. They may adjust their performance the second time around. You are free to correct them here or to praise the learning process instead.

Instruction 2: Please discuss an order for the tests and use the remaining time to practise your own performances. 

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