k) De-Rolling

Keywords: alibi, feedback
Focus: Players leave the larp through ritualised de-rolling activities.

Target: everyone

Place: Messhall

Responsible: Someone

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By taking off part of the costume and other ritualised activities, the players are supposed to symbolically separate from their character and find their way back to themselves.


Through a countdown and ritually shaking ourselves, we take the first step out of the larp.

5 min

The larp “Sirius” is now over. Please all stand in a circle. The Orean pairs, let go of each other. Please close your eyes and listen to my voice. I will lead you from New-Orea back to Herten. Each time you hear my voice, with each word and number, the wormhole will pull you further away until you arrive back in the here and now.
I will now count from one to ten.
At ten, you will be back in Herten.
I say one.
And as you concentrate fully on my voice, you slowly lift off the ground of New-Orea.
Your hands and fingers will be energised and lightened by the wormhole.
The energy spreads through your arms to your shoulders and neck.
Your feet and legs become lighter.
The energy spreads throughout your body.
On the count of six, I want you to turn around and look down to the Earth.
I say six.
And your very relaxed bodies slowly begin to approach Earth.
You glide closer and closer and closer towards Herten.
With each breath, you come closer.
You feel Earth’s gravity.
As soon as I count to ten, you will land in Herten.
On the count of ten, be in Herten.
I say ten.
Shake yourself free of the energy of the wormhole and open your eyes.

Taking off the costume

Stand as you are, with your backs turned to each other. Please take off one part of your costume. The mask, the jacket, or a scarf, and place it on the floor in front of you. Then please turn around so everyone faces the circle’s centre again.

5 min

Then confirm for yourselves alone, but all together: “I am…” followed by your real name. This should help to underline the alibi, the boundary between character and player. We’ll look at what you take with you from your character tomorrow. For now, we’ll leave New-Orea behind us.

A Round of Pats on the Back

Please get together in your debriefing groups. We have [x] groups today.
Note: x corresponds to the number of Terran players, either 3 or 5; if there were only three Terrans, complete the announcement as follows: That is, players in groups 4 and 5, please go to their alternative, reserve group 1, 2 or 3).

~35 min

Please give each other positive feedback until everyone in each group has given and received feedback once. The feedback can be on anything that happened in the larp, from the mask design, to the way of moving or to an emotional, shared scene.

When you’re done with that, go to the bar and get your first drink!

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