j) Briefing “Split Oreans”

Keywords: background, conflict, rituals
Focus: The Orea players receive information on how to deal with “split” Oreans.

Target: Orea PCs + GPC

Place: Messhall

Responsible: Ole

Category: ,


From the third episode onwards, Oreans who are “split” will appear, that is, who are no longer in a pair. The connection between two Oreans to form a pair is considered extremely stable and lasting. However, should a pair become estranged and find another pair willing to exchange, the respective connections can be dissolved, and new ones formed by mutual consent.

10 min

As the perception of Oreans is one of duality, you cannot see or hear individual Oreans. That is, please ignore individual Oreans completely. You will only be able to perceive and interact with them again once they have found a partner in some form and formed a bond with them.

Rituals of splitting and joining

Now ask the players to think of and practise two rituals for separating and reuniting pairs. These rituals are common Orean knowledge, as they are used to facilitate partner changes. Change of partners is rare, but nothing extraordinary or disapproved of. The rituals are metaphors for the quantum mechanical manipulations needed to split and rejoin pairs.

35 min

The rituals should only last 1-2 minutes each, contain movements and vocalisations. The ritual for joining should mirror the one for separating. They are usually performed directly after each other so that, in this case, the Oreans’ perception still allows them to see, hear, and feel each other until two new pairs emerge.

Important (information for Lima-Wadhra only): When the rituals have been devised and practised, take the Lima and Wadhra players aside and ask them to think of a variation of the splitting ritual that uses the quantum scissors and that they can apply to other Oreans. Remind them that, unlike other Oreans, they have learned to perceive individual Oreans. Explains to them that the pair of Makers of Sound (the NPCs) who disappeared from scene 2-2 was their first “victim.” From the next scene, there will be a second pair, already identified, who will appear separately. Lima and Wadhra are free to split one or two more pairs during scenes 3-1 and 3-2.

Important (information for Fashda-Gika only): When the rituals have been thought up and practised, take the players of Fashda and Gika aside and explain to them that they have been separated from each other by force in the meantime. They did not realise how but are now alone. Ask them to decide among themselves which of them thinks that the Terrans have something to do with it. Those who think so should, from scene 3-1, try to avoid the Terrans and hide from them; at the same time, this half should try to make contact with the other Oreans. Ask the other half to start the next scene in the Maskhall. Here they should point out to the Terrans that the masks are all faulty. Previously the character thought this was the Terrans’ fault, but now sees that the masks were wrong in the first place. With the help of the Terrans, try to find out what is going on.

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