Information about the Schedule

Keywords: schedule
Focus: Overview of further procedures of the day of arrival and the larp as a whole.

Target: everyone

Place: Messhall

Responsible: Ole

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Now you know the locations, roughly your groups, and the setting of the larp. The rest of the evening will be about practising meta-techniques and detailed introductions to the two groups of Terrans and Oreans. In between, there will be dinner at 19:30 in the Hall of Mirrors — where we will take all our meals.

The group exercises start at 20:30, and we would like to ask you again to be on time.

The Terrans, please come to the Ludothek to Caro for their workshops. The Oreans, please come back here to the Messhall for their exercises with Ole. All workshops today should be over around 23:30.

Tomorrow: Play Day

Tomorrow we start at 9:00 — please all come to the Hall of Mirrors for a refresher on the day’s schedule and breakfast. Between breakfast and the start of the game at 10:30, you will have time to fine-tune your costumes and/or character relationships.

Interludes: Workshops between the Episodes

Episode 1 will end at approximately 12:00. The Terrans will then please proceed to the Hall of Mirrors for a short calibration workshop. The Oreans will remain in the Messhall for their exercises. We will have lunch together at about 12:30.

After the second episode, at around 16:30, we will have another break and calibration workshops in the same locations. The third episode starts at about 17:30 and runs until about 21.00. Afterwards, there will be an after-party.


On Sunday, we will all meet again at 9:00 in the Hall of Mirrors for breakfast. Afterwards, there will be a structured debriefing, where we would like to introduce you to some contexts of the larp and reflect on the experience together with you.

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