Key words: introductory tour, location knowledge
Focus: Show all participants the in-game and out-of-game locations

Target: everyone

Place: Spaceship basement, 1st floor

Responsible: Ole, Caro

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After arriving and being welcomed, the participants are given a guided tour of the location. It makes sense to divide the participants into smaller groups (e.g. Terrans, Orea-PC and Orea-GPC). The tour should be quick and without long explanations but thorough enough so that the participants can remember the individual locations later. See also the detailed descriptions of the locations.

Show the following locations.

Out-of-Game Locations

  • Organisers’ room (where someone from the organisers is always present)
  • Out-of-game relaxation room
  • Dormitories
  • Toilets and shower rooms
  • Smokers’ corner
  • First aid equipment and fire extinguisher
  • Hall of Mirrors (dining room)

In-Game Locations

  • Messhall (Orea recreation room; no access for Terrans during play)
  • Laboratory 1 (Terra recreation room)
  • Shuttle (Terra Briefing)
  • Bridge (Hall of Masks)
  • Laboratories 2-4 (Art rooms)
  • Secret passages

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