Scene 3-1

Confrontation: Oreans accuse the Terrans of causing the disappearances and the Terrans equally feel deceived.
Mood: hostility
Characters: Terran & Orean (G)PCs


Some Oreans accuse the Terrans of causing the disappearance of their fellow delegation members. The Terrans equally feel deceived due to the flawed masks. The two delegations come to a confrontation, the acceptance of Terra being in question.


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Location & Props:

Laboratory 1 (Terrans) / Messhall (Oreans);
Couch, armchairs, chairs, “food” / starry sky

Any other room available.

What happens?

The evaluation was supposed to be repeated, but LimaWadhra steps forward and accuses the Terrans and other mono-istic species of being responsible for the disappearance of Oreans. All Oreans with an adversarial attitude follow them in their accusations.

The Terrans, of course, disclaim any responsibility. They may mention that they met a single Orean, but they are not believed.

The scene continues until everyone is too exhausted (energy balance) and needs to return to their separate resting areas. (The GPCs should be tasked with breaking up the confrontation.)

Learning Objective/Bleed-Out:

[what understanding is to be gained in the scene?]

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