c) Introduction Oreans

Keywords: attitudes and relationships
Focus: Orea players learn about their species, their attitudes to the test, and come together in pairs and Maker groups.

Target: Orea PCs + GPCs (NPCs?)

Place: Messhall

Responsible: Ole


Zielgruppe: Oreaner

Ort: Messe

Verantwortlich: Ole


Begin with an introduction to the world and society of Orea, how the pairs relate to each other, attitudes towards the test and the Terrans, and how the different groups of Makers might implement the test.

10 min

Duality: Pairs

As a first step, ask the Oreans to get together in their pairs and introduce themselves to each other. Each pair consists of one PC and (at least) one GPC. Some GPCs already have tasks or similar items in their character descriptions. The GPC of a pair is given a walkie-talkie or Bluetooth headset so that the organisers can communicate during the game. Pairs should be given time to practice speaking in repetition and moving together.

25 min

Now distribute the costumes and ask the pairs to get together and try them on. They can still adjust their masks individually if they like. For example, during a break or while fine-tuning. Ask the players to do the exercises below in pairs.

  • Introducing their characters to each other (counterparts; 5 min)
  • Moving together (5 min)
    They may hold hands; walk around the room, sit down.
  • Repetitions (10 min)
    It is not necessary to repeat whole sentences word for word, but key phrases: “The Terrans are rude!” > “Rude!”
    Have them discuss what they would like to say during the introductions (see attitudes).
    After the first 5 minutes, ask the Orean pairs to introduce themselves to others (for another 5 min; not all need to have introduced themselves to everyone).
    Format: “We are Lima-Wadhra, Makers of Knowledge.” > “We are Lima-Wadhra, Makers of Knowledge.” The highlighted part of the name should be the same as the name of the person speaking and should be emphasised.


From now on, ask the pairs to do everything together during the workshop. Probably not all of them were able to introduce themselves to each other. This will now be done together in a large group with regard to the attitudes of the individual pairs towards the test.

10 min

Each pair now introduces themselves to the whole group:
“We are Lima-Wadhra, Makers of Knowledge. We are neutral because, although we fear for our knowledge, we also want to fulfil the duties of the test.” > “We are Lima-Wadhra, Makers of Knowledge. We are neutral.”

Groups of Makers and Tests

Now that it has been clarified how the individual pairs feel about the test, ask them to get together in their groups of MAkers. For the purpose of further preparations, the individual groups can then also retire to the respective art rooms.

45 min

The individual groups should now consider what they themselves would like to perform as art and how they would like to test the Terrans. Examples of possible performances/ tests can be found on each character sheet and summarised here.

If there are only a few Oreans (e.g. only one pair per Maker group), they should think about how they can involve other Oreans in their performance and, about halfway through the time (20 min), find other pairs for this and explain to them what they are going to do.

Their own performance should be around 5 minutes, so they are welcome to present it to the other Maker groups for feedback before the end of this part of the workshop.

Remind everyone that this is not about producing perfect art. It should rather be about co-creation, creativity and diversity of experience as described in the assessment criteria.

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