d) Key Scenes Terrans

Keywords: Fate Play, confrontation
Focus: In this exercise, Terra players receive information about the first, important scenes and practise crucial steps.

Target: Terra PCs + NPC

Place: Ludothek & Shuttle

Responsible: Caro


Scene 1-1

Instruction 1: In this scene, everyone comes together to celebrate Terra’s admission to the Interstellar Association. There will be a speech by an official. Everyone gets bubbly, colourful drinks. Everyone, have a good time, give a friendly nod to the Oreans. Rejoice that you have succeeded in bringing Terra into the Association.

5 min

Everyone is aware that it has been a difficult journey for you. But this is not the place for details.

Instruction 2: After this scene, leave the room (the Messhall) and go outside, where a van is waiting for you. Please get in and let it drive you around the block. Try to use the time in the van to get immersed into your character. As soon as the van stops and you leave it, you are in-game and, therefore, in-character.

Scene 1-2

Instruction 1: In this scene, you travel to New-Orea. It begins with you being taken by van to a secret location and taken to an army bunker.

25 min

There you will receive your briefing from a Commander of the United Nations & Mars. Shortly after, the wormhole receiver is activated, and you are transported to New-Orea. The transport will not be pleasant — the space-time around you will be bent and twisted so that you will cross a distance of thousands of light years in a matter of seconds. The Oreans have created an environment for you that allows you to interact with them. It is not Earth, but it is close.

In terms of the game, the scene will unfold in such a way that you will be standing in front of a fire door that will open after a countdown. Please go through it so that you arrive at New-Orea.

Let’s practise this briefly by playing the countdown and you walking through the “portal”. We place markers on the floor where you are to stand. Think of them like the transporter pads on Star Trek.

Scene 2-1

Instruction 1: In the following scene, your test by the Oreans officially begins. We will not tell you exactly what the test(s) will look like here.

30 min

However, the procedure will be that the Oreans will first show you what performance they expect from you. Then it is your turn to do the same. In a later scene, they will evaluate your performance, and you can comment on it.

During the whole duration of the larp, each individual Terran can once make a performance that lets the Oreans take note. If you want to declare your performance so, show or perform it with the words: “I put all my heart and soul into this work.”

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  1. Was kann bzw. sollte man hier noch mit den Terraner*innen machen? Die Oreaner haben in dieser Zeit viel zu üben, die Terraner*innen hingegen nicht. Mehr Beziehungsworkshops? Mehr zu den Missionen?

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