Scene 2-1

New-Orea Grand Tour: The Oreans show their arts and society to the Terrans, only to later test their creativity.
Mood: Subsiding tension
Characters: Terran & Orean (G/N)PCs

New-Orea Grand Tour

The Oreans show their arts and society to the Terrans, only to later test their creativity. Each group of Makers demonstrates their artistic capabilities and then asks the Terrans to do the same.


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Location & Props:

Laboratory 1 (Terrans) / Messhall (Oreans);
Couch, armchairs, chairs / starry sky

Bridge (Terrans, 2 Oreans)
10 white/flawed masks, tables or something similar as a tray

Laboratory 2, Laboratory 3, Laboratory 4
Arts, crafts, music utensils

What happens?

LimaWadhra comes to the Terrans and apologizes for the incarceration. They then guide the Terrans to the Maskroom (Bridge) and ask them to each pick one.

In the meantime, the other Oreans in the Messhall discuss and decide on an order of presentations, which Makers should be the first to test the Terrans, who the last.

Once the Terrans have chosen masks, they are introduced to the other Oreans (who are still slightly offended by their uneven number).

Lima-Wadhra announces that their test will now begin, and the first group of Makers steps up.

Each group of Makers takes roughly 5 minutes to demonstrate their art. Then they give the Terrans an equal amount of time — already evaluating them while engaging in the art (booing or encouraging, depending on how they approach the task vis-a-vis the Orean values).

If not all Terrans engage in art making, some of them may seek out Oreans to talk about things related to their individual missions. All Terrans will start feeling hungry, thirsty, and tired.

Once all Maker groups have finished their test, the Terrans are sent back to their room, or Lima-Wadhra brings them there.

Learning Objective/Bleed-Out:

[what understanding is to be gained in the scene?]

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